Sades Chopper SA-711

Rexus M1

Well, if you want to buy a cheap gaming headset with a wireless connection, there is the Rexus M1 that can be used as an option. This device already uses a Bluetooth connection. However, you can also use a 1.5 meter cable to connect it to the computer.
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Besides being able to be used to play games, Rexus M1 can also be used to listen to FM radio broadcasts. Not only that, this product also has a TF card slot to store a number of audio data that you can listen to directly.

Price range of Rexus M1: 265 thousands

Sades Chopper SA-711

For the next product comes the headset from Sades with the Chopper SA-711 series. This device is equipped with a cable length of 2 meters and a 40 mm driver to ensure the clarity of the sound it produces.

Besides being able to present a pretty good sound, Sades Chopper SA-711 also comes with a pretty good comfort. Because this product earpad has been coated with a smooth leather material so it won't make the ears easily sore when worn for a long time.

The price range of Sades Chopper SA-711: Rp.115 thousand

HyperX Cloud Alpha

The best gaming headset brand you can choose next is HyperX Cloud Alpha. This device is one product that won a number of awards for the comfort and sound quality it produces.

The frame used by HyperX Cloud Alpha also already uses aluminum which of course guarantees the durability of the body. Drivers used are also larger than most products. In this device, the driver used is 50 mm in size

HyperX Cloud Alpha price range: Rp1.6 million

Alcatroz Alpha MG370

The Alcatraz Alpha MG370 can be another option when you are looking for the best and cheapest gaming headset. Just like other products, this device uses a 40 mm driver to produce the best sound that can be competed with other products.

For convenience of use, this device also uses earcups that are coated with quality leather. So you will not feel tired when using this product for a long time.

Price range of Alcatroz Alpha MG370: Rp110 thousand

Dragonwar Violent

The next product is still a headset with a cable from Dragonwar Violent. Just like most other devices, Dragonwar Violent also has a 7.1 surround system.

In addition, this product is also equipped with a microphone with noise canceling technology so that your voice can be heard clearly in the game. The driver also uses a size of 40 mm to guarantee the sound can be pitted with other products.

Dragonwar Violent price range: Rp.314 thousand
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